A Well Choreographed Routine.

14 Jul

I’ve figured out why going without dance these last few weeks was so difficult… it’s because it wasn’t the only part of my routine that suddenly changed. I went from 4-6 classes a week to none, added two physical therapy appointments to each week, and watched my work schedule hit epic levels of turmoil. I never realised how much I had become a creature of habit until I had to change my entire life around. Luckily, it’s only temporary. But I’m trying to learn from this and hoping to become more flexible (not just physically).

The awesome news is that I was able to go to class last night. I was advised to start back by just trying out barre and avoiding anything that involved extending my left leg over 90 degrees. I played it safe, and came out feeling pretty good. And when I got home after, my leg didn’t lock up like it used to! It felt amazing to go back, even just for one class, and tonight my physical therapist said I can keep easing myself back in as long as I’m aware of what not to do with my hamstring. I’m definitely improving, though, little by little!

Of course, I still can’t help contemplating my weekly routine. I was so thrilled going into the summer because my work schedule had changed to allow me to take even more dance classes per week, now my dance schedule and my work schedule are all messed up. But what can you do? I am just happy to be working and now happy to be dancing again, even if it’s not as often as I am used to. I’m starting to feel less out-of-sorts, though still a little stir-crazy sometimes. I just keep telling myself the end result will be worth it, and that I will be back to my normal life in no time.


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