Out-of-body experience.

6 Jan

During barre last night, as we did grand battement, I watched my leg and thought, “Is this my leg? Really??” I mean, it’s not like I have amazing extension, I’m lucky to reach 90 degrees… I think it had more to do with the  fact that I was noticing the overall image of my feet, clad in European pink pointe shoes that were poking out from under my maroon stirrup legwarmers, and wondering when did this happen?! I’m starting to feel like I’m a legitimate dancer (but not necessarily a good one, ha!), even at 25 with no real hope of taking this much further than a hobby/recreational obsession. I’m a dancer, and what’s funny is that I think everyone else who knows me has known this about me since I was a child. I just never believed it, so I gave up. I’m so glad I let dance find me again.


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